Conquer Flag Football Club

Conquer Socal is a competitive girls flag football club program, and the first girls club in Orange County. Teams compete in 5v5 and 7v7 tournaments during the winter and spring. Players will receive professional coaching from top club coaches.

Conquer training clinics take place during the summer, with evaluations taking place during the fall.


Club Overview

Age Groups 2023 season:
U17 – 2005 and younger
U14 – 2008 and younger
U12 – 20010 and younger
U10 – 2012 and younger

When does the season run, and how long is the commitment?
It is a five month commitment. Tryouts occur in the fall, with practices starting in February, and tournaments beginning in March. Official training will finish the end of June.

What does the weekly schedule look like?
Practices this initial year will be once a week, where players will receive position specific training from specialized position coaches, followed by a team session where teams will independently work on offensive and defensive schemes specific to their team and coach.

Teams will not play weekly games, but will participate each month in a tournament. Teams will participate in 3 scheduled tournaments, with each team having the option of entering additional tournaments should they choose.

Can I play other sports while playing with the club?
There are no club restrictions on athletes playing multiple sports, but missed practices can impact playing time. We do understand that many girls are in sports and will have conflicts, especially with the sport still in its infancy with girls, and we are working on ways to help relieve some of those conflicts.

What is the format?
Teams will be coached up in a series of formats, as many tournaments have different ones. The U14 and below will focus solely on 5v5 at this point, which is still the only official format of NFL FLAG. The U17 will be coached in both the 5v5 format, and the 7v7 format which is used in high school and college.

How many players will make a team?
Teams have a roster cap of 10, and we will carry between 8-10 players per team for U14 and below. The U17 may carry up to 12 depending on each team’s anticipated availability, especially if there are additional 7v7 tourneys that the team registers for.

How many teams will there be at each level?
That will be determined by how many girls are interested in playing. Ideally there will be teams in different areas, but the main goal is to have at least one at each division level.

Will there be any travel?
Yes, but the tournaments that we will initially be registering for will be within driving distance. Right now we are looking at potential tournaments in Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and Arizona. Our preference is to stay as close to home as possible, but the better quality tournaments usually happen outside of the greater Los Angeles area, especially when it comes to girls.

What are the playing time requirements?
There are no playing time minimums. From the club perspective if a player is rostered on one of our teams that player will play at least 1/4 of the game. We do not believe in rostering players who are practice players only. That’s not to say that playing time will be even though, as the better players will play a more significant amount of time.

Who are the coaches?
Head coaches and positional training coaches are still being assembled. Position coaches may or may not also be  team coaches.

What is the difference between a position coach, and the team’s head coach?
The nuances of each position are different, and very few coaches have the knowledge to coach each position at an extremely high level. Players will receive position specific training from either a QB or WR coach on the offensive side of the ball, and there will be a coach who will handle the defensive training. The head coach’s role is to handle the offensive and defensive schemes, along with the overall management of the team.